What kind of events can I organize in ADEIT?

ADEIT venue welcomes any activity, event or meeting provided they do not disrupt the normal activity of the building or bother the other users.

How to reserve a space?

The reservation can be made through our form, via telephone (96 205 79 11) or by sending an e-mail to the following address: espacios@adeituv.es.

If you do not know our facilities, we recommend you to visit us and to determine what would be the ideal space for you. Ask us for an appointment so we can better assist you and make sure the space you prefer is available. However, we will advise you in choosing the most appropriate space according to the characteristics of the activity

 What is the ideal space for me?

Our job is to accompany you throughout the reservation process and preparation of the space considering all the resources necessary for the proper development of the activity. We will advise you when selecting the facilities that best meet your needs.

What is the building’s schedule?

The regular schedule of the building is Monday to Friday from 8:00h to 21:30h and Saturday from 8:00h to 14: 30h. If the characteristics and development of your activity require a special schedule, please contact us.

Is it possible to rent for hours?

Our rates provide for full-time or part-time (morning or afternoon as 8:00h-15: 00h and 16: 00-21: 30h respectively). For activities exceeding the usual schedules, please consult it with our team.

How I can formalize my reservation?

To formalize a reservation it is required to pay 50% of the total price 15 days before the start of the activity. The rest will be paid once it is finished.

What is the schedule for loading and unloading?

Being a pedestrian zone, the time of loading and unloading is very restricted. We recommend you do it early, from 8:00h-9: 00h to prevent people trafficking.

How can I access ADEIT Space?

The venue being located in such a central area, we recommend you to come by public transport. Consult several alternatives here.

If, however, your best option is your own car, you can park in the parking lot of La Reina Square, located very close to our headquarters. For more information see here.

Is it possible to hire a catering service?

ADEIT has its own catering service through La Seu Catering company that works exclusively with us. No need to worry about having another partner because we will provide all service management receiving the final bill service directly by La Seu

How is the furniture of the rooms? Is it possible to change the assembly of a room?

The furniture and equipment of each room is included in the price and depends on the type of facility rented (see Type of rooms). Some facilities allow different assemblies depending on its characteristics and use whatever you want to give. For more information, contact our team.