• Permanent support at the moment of making the reservation for the election of the most suitable space.
  • Assitance from ADEIT staff to ensure that the facilities comply with the contracted service and that it can be attended to.


  • Maintenance staff.
  • Daily cleaning.


  • Wi-fi internet connection.
  • Space air conditioning.
  • Projection cannon.
  • Water service for speackers.
  • Furniture (depending on the contracted room, consult the technical sheet).
  • Basic signage of the event if required.
  • Assistance from ADEIT staff to ensure that the facilities comply with the contracted service and that it will attend to any need that may arise.


  • Technical service for audiovisual projection (check availability according to event).
  •  Concierge service.
  • Classroom/ room key service.
  • Material reception service
  • Catering management to close and coordinate the contracted service (coffee breaks, lunches, dinners, etc.).
  • Technical assistance before any incident.
  • Special agreements with extra service providers (technical means not included in the room, permanent technical assistance, auxiliary personnel, hostesses, simultaneous translation, photographer, signage, etc.)

Restauration services.

The University-Business Foundation of Valencia (ADEIT) has exclusivity with La Seu Catering and Hospitality which is responsible for catering and catering services within its facilities. It is a consolidated Valencian group of restoration in expansion that exploits and manages different business units offering a wide range of services with the aim of satisfying the most varied and demanding needs of its customers.


Among the different services available to ADEIT through La Seu Catering and Hospitality, we must highlight the organization of coffee breaks, cocktails and work lunches, among others. In addition, ADEIT has its own cafeteria in the same building that offers these services in the different rooms.